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This page is dedicated to former members of the pearly society 

The London Pearly Kings and Queens Society send their sincere condolences to all the royal family on the very sad loss of our beloved Queen Elizabeth II.       God Bless 


Beryl Pinafore, Pearly Princess of Crystal Palace 

Kathy Walters, Treasurer and Pearly Queen of Finsbury

George Davison, Pearly King of Newham

Roy York, Pearly King of Smithfield Market

Lily York, Pearly Queen of Smithfield Market

Angela Blakemore, Pearly Queen of Newham

Brian Hemsley, Pearly King of Harrow

Margaret Hemsley, Pearly Queen of Harrow

Larry Barney’s, Pearly King of Thornton Heath

Arthur Rackley, Pearly King of Upminster

Christine Prosser, Pearly Queen of Upton Park

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